Conservatory too hot to use?

Did you know that on a hot sunny day your conservatory acts like a powerful radiator? On an average sunny day, each square metre of roof is transmitting over 650 watts of energy from the sun to you. That’s equivalent to having several panel radiators at full blast in your conservatory! So, instead of your conservatory being an additional room to enjoy all year round, it becomes an unbearable greenhouse!!

Here’s the answer?

  • It requires no maintenance other than normal window cleaning
  • It prevents heat build up.
  • It reduces glare
  • It even helps to cut heat loss in winter
What does it do?

Rejects the heat of the sun enabling you to reclaim your Conservatory

  • It rejects as much as 79% of the incoming energy from the sun
  • It reduces solar glare by 83% reducing eye strain
  • It blocks up to 99.5% of harmful UV rays which cause fading
  • installation is quick and easy

Coolkote film is also available for polycarbonate conservatory roofs as well as glass.

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